Gallbladder Surgery

If gallstones have formed in the gallbladder and you experience sudden abdominal pain, you may be experiencing a gallbladder attack which requires immediate treatment. Some patients experience ongoing pain because of gallbladder disease, a condition where the gallstones block the gallbladder ducts and stop the natural flow of bile into the intestines. Any type of pain in this area could indicate inflammation or the formation of large duct stones that requires immediate treatment.

Signs You Need Gallbladder Surgery

Many people mistakenly believe that symptoms like indigestion or an upset stomach are nothing to worry about. In some cases, these symptoms are indicative of gallbladder disease or the presence of gallstones. Some of the signs you need gallbladder surgery include:

• Severe stomach cramps in the upper right abdomen
• Right-sided shoulder pain that can be linked to gallstone attacks
• Persistent low grade fever
• Nausea
• Frequent vomiting
• Bloating

Symptoms may be more persistent if you are eating a high-fat diet or if you eat greasy foods frequently.

How Gallbladder Surgery is Performed

If the symptoms are severe, you may need to undergo gallbladder surgery to have the entire gallbladder removed. The most common type of procedure performed to remove the gallbladder is laparascopic cholecystectomy. The procedure involves making three to four small incisions in the abdomen and inserting a port into one of the incisions to inflate the abdomen with carbon dioxide gas. A laparoscopic camera is then inserted into the port and we use surgical instru-ments to remove the gallbladder using the camera as a guide. Incision sites are closed with nat-urally dissolving stitches.

The entire procedure takes about an hour and it is a minimally-invasive procedure. Patients can go home within a day and enjoy a relatively fast healing time. The laparascopic procedure has a faster recovery time than open gallbladder surgery and scars from the incision site fade relative-ly quickly.

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