General Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, need treatment for a hernia, or are having gallbladder or thyroid issues, you must come in to see one of our specialists for treatment as soon as possible. We perform a number of general surgery procedures using innovative techniques and offer minimally-invasive alternatives to surgery in some cases.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer patients may need to undergo surgery to have the tumor removed. Breast cancer surgery that involves removing the entire breast may be performed in conjunction with a breast reconstruction procedure. We do whatever we can to conserve original breast tissue and use various techniques to ensure optimal results the first time.

Hernia Surgery 

If tissues or organs inside the abdomen are bulging through the muscle wall because of a hernia, you may need to undergo surgery to have the hernia repaired and reduce discomfort. We perform both open hernia repair and laparascopic hernia repair procedures at our practice. If you are experiencing any type of pain or pressure around the hernia site, you must come in to see one of our surgeons for an evaluation.

Gallbladder Surgery

When gallstones cause abdominal pain or you have been diagnosed with gallbladder disease, you may need to undergo gallbladder surgery to have the gallbladder removed. We use a minimally-invasive technique to remove the gallbladder using a laparascopic camera and. This procedure boasts a fast recovery time and minimal scarring.

Thyroid Surgery

Patients diagnosed with hyperthyroidism or an under active thyroid may need to undergo thyroid surgery where one of the lobes of the thyroid gland or the entire thyroid gland are removed. Once thyroid hormone production is regulated, symptoms typically disappear and the patient can enjoy a better quality of life.

You deserve to work with only the best surgeons for breast cancer surgery, thyroid problems, and other general surgical procedures. Schedule your appointment at our Los Angeles or Glendale office today.